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This is a wildlife bridge in the Netherlands. Wildlife bridges are designed to help animals cross busy highways in safety. They don’t just protect wildlife from being hit by cars - they also connect fragmented habitats and help populations intermingle and breed. 

The Netherlands is leading the way in designing these bridges. The country is home to more than 600 similar crossings.

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"i imagine…Losing a child is the worst pain a person can go through."

"No,actually.When I tracked them down,what I did to the men who killed my daughter…That’s the most pain a person can go through."

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the clone club + tumblr (insp)

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I was constantly, always and forever, trying to perform the musical ‘Annie’ for anyone who would listen, and I have a terrible singing voice. It was the first thing that made me think I wanted to be an actress. - Sarah Paulson

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The Queen has new competition.- requested by anonymous


The Queen has new competition.- requested by anonymous

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Dascha Polanco at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

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actual email received from tumblr user menzosarres

actual email sent from tumblr user me. 

Midtown intersection, NYC.

Watching the pace and flow of New York City from above is amazing. The constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing with the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into and emerging from the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens. It’s all so rhythmic and strangely soothing to watch.

Navid Baraty

#mirandy  #the rush of people around her used to be thrilling  #it meant that she was on an all important mission for the queen of fashion  #but now it was somehow empty #the people around her were nameless faceless blurs of busy  #she knew now that she shouldn’t have left never should have left miranda’s side  #as she presses on the first tear she has allowed herself rolls down her cheek  #she looks to the ground in search of her resolve though she knows full well she left it in a car in paris  #she is too consumed in grief and pain to see it coming her coming  #so it is a complete surprise when those slender fingers cup her elbow and propel her towards a waiting town car  #andrea’s brain stumbles over the incoming information desperately trying to keep up  #but when insanely soft and gentle lips settle against her own in the privacy of the backseat she realizes it is fruitless  #as always miranda consumes every bit of her consciousness  #not that she minds when miranda is whimpering her name from just a simple kiss - via organicallyadventurous

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Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce - Official Trailer (х)

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